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Vertical (straight down images) are acquired using a proprietary gyro-stabilized gimbal mount designed and built by Moitek. The ‘’gimble’ mount assures the camera points true vertical and captures the images through a camera port in the belly of the aircraft.  
Common Applications *        Real Estate *        Forestry *        Surveys *        Land Usage *        Industrial Inventory *        Property Management *        Construction Progress *        Construction Planning *        Accident Investigations *        Land Use Planning
Several vertical images can also be stitched together to provide a seamless mosaic to provide greater detail or capture areas to large to be acquired in a single photograph. The lower left example of Manzanita, Oregon is a mosaic created by stitching six individual images together that were taken from 7,500'.

vertical aerial photography

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If required, images can also be orthorectified. Images on this website have been reduced for web display.
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