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High Quality Aerial Infrared Surveys

Understanding Infrared Imagery Infrared imagery is often a gray scale picture whose scales (or shades of gray) represent the differences in temperature and emissivity of objects in the image.  As a general rule, objects in the image that are lighter in color are warmer and darker objects are cooler.  No object in the images is detected via visible light wavelengths (400-700 nanometers) rather, only from infrared wavelengths in the 3000-5000 nanometers or in the 3-5 micrometers range.  Lights and other relatively hot objects are very evident, but as a result of their heat - not light emissions.  When an image is taken with infrared camera, it is often recorded on video tape and later converted to a digital image file with the help of a computer.  The image may then be modified in a number of ways to enhance its value to the end user.  The highest resolution infrared images are usually found on videotape, while the printed thermographs and map data may be used as a convenient reference when accompanying a report.  Advantages of this method? With all system anomalies marked on a map, the system operator can prioritize areas of concern and concentrate efforts and scarce resources on those locations first.  The printed report and map data will allow the operator to easily locate and test suspect areas.  High-resolution images that capture large areas at once.  Plan view imaging result in a report that is clear, concise and easy to understand.  High-angle, straight down infrared images for increased accuracy, or, very high thermal sensitivity, gimbal mounted camera for ease of creek and shoreline tracking.  A more cost effective platform to obtain infrared imagery, than rotor-wing, while reducing ferry times and vibrations.  Previously inaccessible or hard to reach areas of the system are monitored.  Instead of inefficiently using scarce resources to perform on-ground testing, resources can be used to monitor problem areas only.   
Moitek Aerial Imaging is a member of AITSCAN which is considered THE BRAND for high quality aerial infrared thermography in the United States.

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