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Oblique Photography A unique perspective unequaled by any other angle or method.  Whether to advertise your business, display property for sale, or just show pride in home ownership, there is no better way to provide it than with a view from above.  It is the only way to see an entire piece of real estate  and its surroundings in one picture!
Infrared Photography I Conduct qualitative aerial infrared thermographic surveys of sewage and storm water drainage systems to identify specific areas where leaks are occurring so that action can be taken to abate the leaks. Moitek Aerial Imaging is a member of AITSCAN which is considered THE BRAND for high quality aerial infrared thermography in the United States.
Vertical Photography Including but not limited to: Residential & commercial realestate Game Counts Construction Plans Construction Progress Commercial Inventory Land Surveys Property Management Accident Investigations Land Use Planning Forestry Management
Kenyon Gyro Stabilizer & camera/video mounts Images are acquired using a proprietary gyro-stabilized gimbal mount designed and built by Moitek.  Moitek is an authorized Kenyon products dealer & has the Moitek Video & Camera mounts available for purchase

Aerial Photography  

Aerial Photography offers unlimited possibilities. Most common applications include:      Real estate, forestry, land surveys, industrial inventory, property management,                     construction progress and planning, accident investigations & land use planning.   Vertical (straight down) images are acquired using a proprietary gyro stabilized gimbal mount designed & built by Moitek.  Oblique (from high or low angle) aerial photography offers a unique perspective                 unequaled by any other angle or method. 
Aerial Infrared Thermography Aerial Infrared Imaging can give exact locations of Illicit discharge in storm drains, pin point pollution sources using detailed GPS readings, determine environmental problems, issues and dilemmas, locate trapped moisture that will damage flat top roofs & can save $$$
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